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Breathwork, Visualisation and Meditation - A Mindfulness Circuit™ by Ellie Seilern

Breathwork, Visualisation and Meditation - A Mindfulness Circuit™ by Ellie Seilern

Welcome to a transformative journey of mindfulness meditation led by renowned instructor Ellie Seilern. In this 22-minute guided session, you'll embark on a serene exploration of breathwork, visualization, and meditation techniques designed to cultivate inner peace and harmony. Join Ellie as she gently guides you through calming breathwork exercises, helping you connect with the present moment and release tension from both body and mind. Then, immerse yourself in powerful visualizations, allowing your imagination to soar and your spirit to find solace in the depths of your inner landscape. Finally, experience the profound tranquility of meditation as Ellie leads you through a serene meditation practice, offering moments of stillness and reflection to nurture your soul and awaken your inner wisdom. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to mindfulness, this guided session offers a welcoming space for self-discovery and inner transformation. So, find a quiet place to settle in, dim the lights, and let Ellie's soothing voice be your guide on this journey to mindfulness. Subscribe to our channel for more guided meditation sessions and mindfulness practices to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Remember to hit the like button and share this video with friends and loved ones who could benefit from moments of peace and presence. #MindfulnessMeditation #Breathwork #Visualization #Meditation #EllieSeilern #InnerPeace #SelfDiscovery #GuidedMeditation #MindBodySoul
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