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Every week we gather our community for a Live Circuit - covering three practices over 22 minutes. This is designed to help you find your practice, recharge the mind and body and sometimes just to take a break from the day job. Everyone is welcome and you can sign up using the Join Events page.

Sometimes life can be busy and the diary isn't so kind. We understand that. On this page you'll find some of our favourite live sessions that we've made available to you all.

Lina guided us through three practices over the space of 22 minutes.

Moving through breathwork, sound and meditation you will also find more Circuits like this in the Light app.

On Wednesday 5th of May our guide Ellie Seilern guided our Live Circuit.
Ellie covered meditation which many of you would have experienced before and we also introduced Visualisation and Compassion to this week's circuit which are some of our favourite practices.

Ellie Seilern guided our Live Circuit on April 5th 2023.


In this live Circuit Ellie takes us through three practices including Listening, Movement and Meditation.

Hannah guided us through three practices over the space of 22 minutes and for the first time we're sharing one of these recordings for you to enjoy at a time that suits you.

Hannah covered Tapping, Breathwork and Movement and you'll find all of these within the Light programme.

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