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  • How do I download the Light App?
    You can download the Light app from both Android and Apple app stores. This will work on your mobile phone and also on some desktops including latest versions of Apple OS. Apple App Store Google Play Store
  • How do I navigate the app?
    Light has been designed to have three clear areas for you to enjoy. Home Pause Progress Let's explain each one of these areas. Home This is where you can discover new stories and find your Pathway. Updated frequently the Stories featured here combine video and audio as soon as you open the app. Designed to inspire and guide you to find new practices. A simple swipe up on the My Calendar area will bring up your Pathway featuring suggested practices, literature and other inspiring links. Pause This is where you will find all of the Light practices listed. When it is time for you to pause or take some time to reset this is where you can find a wide range of practices including meditation, tapping, movement and sound. Simply select one of the practices to be taken to a list of different practices. Under the Learn heading you will find out about the history of the practice, it's scientific benefits and the background of our guide that will take you through your experience. Select Practice in the app and you will discover a range of practices that you can enjoy immediately all clearly marked with the the duration of each of these and of the guide that hosts the practice. Progress Like anything we do over time we like to see the progress we're making and look back, reflect and develop further. Our progress area does just this. It will capture your previous activity, how you felt before and after each practice using our check-in tool. Over time you'll hopefully be able to see how a consistent practice can help you feel great every day. Shake It The Light app will be continually updated and improved upon however, if you find an issue with your experience just shake your phone side to side for a second or two and you'll be prompted to report a glitch which our team will assist with.
  • My company has just launched Light. How do I get access to the app?
    Welcome to Light! Firstly, download the Light app from the app store. Once downloaded you should be able to open it and you will be prompted to Sign Up. Choose this option so that you can set up your password etc. Use the same email address you use for work and once the account setup is complete you should have full access to the Light app. Any problems please do email us using
  • How do I get access to the Light App?
    The Light App is currently onboarding a limited number of people at the moment. After downloading the app you can sign up to our waitlist and our team will review this on a weekly basis.
  • Can I access Light on my computer / desktop?
    The Light App has been designed to be used on mobile devices presently. On some operating systems you will be able to download it to your desktop eg the latest Mac OS but the experience will not be as good as using your mobile phone.
  • How much does Light cost?
    Light is currently available as a structured programme for organisations, through a priced per head subscription model. It is a customisable product, ranging from a few pounds a month to completely bespoke and can be designed in accordance with your organisation’s objectives and goals.
  • How do I know which practice is right for me?
    That's a great question. Within Light we have built Pathways to help you discover new practices and explore ones you know further. These update frequently and are curated to give you the best experience. Alternatively using the Pause button on the Light app you can navigate to different practices.
  • Is Light for beginners, intermediate or advanced people?
    Light has been designed for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. The practices start at a level designed for beginners but expand and grow for those with more experience.
  • Where can I find the Light Practices podcast?
    You have excellent taste. Enjoy 12 episodes of the Light podcast where ever you normally listen to your favourite series. Subscribe at the following links. ACast Spotify Apple
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