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The Guides

We have searched the world to find the guides who can help you find your practice.

Each and every one of them has their own story, their own journey to finding their practice and will be supporting you the whole way through.

The Guides

Find Your

Within the Light app you will discover 12 practices and we are adding more all the time.


Each one is hosted by a world renowned experts including Nobel Peace Prize Nominees and leaders in their field. 

Scroll down to see some of our guides and some short videos on their practice.


Nathaniel Cole & Peigh Asante

Nathaniel is a public speaker, workshop facilitator, writer and researcher. He works with people and organisations to challenge the existing systems of power in our society. His work involves anti-racism training, sex and relationships, and masculinity, community and mental health. 


Peigh is a freelance creative – a multidisciplinary who is motivated by culturally-led positive social change. His work is all about inspiring and empowering those who engage with it. He’s a big fan of fresh fruit, and like Nathaniel, spends a lot of time in the water. He co-founded fruit delivery company Trapfruits LDN, along with Swim Dem Crew.


Ritchie Bostock

Richie Bostock is one of the world's leading practitioners and a pioneer in the field of Breathwork. Following his father’s life-altering MS diagnosis, Richie began researching alternative therapies. He discovered Breathwork – and it changed his life. He has travelled all over the world exploring the possibilities of the practice, learning from everyone: from Breathwork masters to doctors, psychologists to physiotherapists and coaches for elite athletics. It is Richie’s mission to share the life changing possibilities of Breathwork with the world. Now, he has taught tens of thousands of people everywhere in his workshops, online events, and retreats. 



Chris Connors is a meditation teacher, who has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to his developing and deepening his techniques. Growing up in war-torn Belfast, Chris had firsthand experience as a child of the importance and power of breath. But it was in his mid 20s, grieving the death of his mother, that Chris fell in love with meditation, and how alive it made him feel. His training has taken him across the world, from India to Japan, on his quest for peace, connecting ancient wisdom to modern life. Now, Chris is a teacher, mentor and innovator. He has helped thousands of people change their lives with meditation with his unique combination of breath, sound, and somatic techniques. 


Annie Penney

Annie is a qualified practitioner in Healing, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT. She holds a Diploma in Integrated techniques and the certificate of working with people with cancer from Bristol Cancer Care. She has also studied Meta Medicine. She is a Master Trainer in EFT for EFT International and has been a healing tutor for the guild of healers and is a guest tutor on the healing accreditation diploma at the College of Psychic studies, London. 


Zia Nath

Zia Nath is a performing artist and dance/movement facilitator. Her work brings together diverse sacred dances originating from ancient cultures of India and Central Asia; presenting it as Realms of Dance™ - a performance art and a therapeutic practice. She is also a healthcare practitioner focusing on Craniosacral Therapy, trauma Informed somatic practice and mindful nutrition. 


Mack Macartney

Mac is an accomplished author, public speaker, and sustainability advocate, although none of those words can truly describe him. He has dedicated his life to learning the ways of ancient practices and indigenous cultures. Through storytelling, he shares that wisdom freely and beautifully. 


Dr Scilla Elworthy

Scilla is a visionary peace builder. Her work facilitating dialogue between nuclear weapon policy makers and their critics earned her 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. She later advised Nelson Mandela, Peter Gabriel, Desmond Tutu and Richard Branson in the formation of The Elders. Her recent endeavors include her most recent published work, A Business Plan for Peace, and teaching effective communication around the world through her Mighty Heart programme. The art, power, and critical importance of listening, as a courageous act of connection, underpins all of her work. 

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Ellie Seilern

Ellie Seilern was at rock bottom when she discovered meditation. She has spent many years studying rituals and spiritual practices from across the world. From plant-based medicine and meditation, to understanding the relationship of awareness between mind and heart. Now, she takes participants on journeys to help them shift their perspective, to see the world differently, and their unique place within it.