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Why is it so difficult to lead ourselves and others through change? Common wisdom says it’s because people resist change, but leadership researcher, Taylor Harrell, suggests that there’s something deeper that people actually resist. In this talk, Harrell explores the barriers we face when attempting to create change, the role of identity in resistance, and how to inspire commitment to the transformation we seek.

Taylor is a researcher, consultant, and coach in organisational leadership with nearly a decade of experience delivering high-impact leadership development programs across the globe. Taylor has trained leaders from multinational corporations, government agencies, public hospitals, university departments, and non-profit organisations. She also teaches courses at the University of San Diego in the Department of Leadership Studies and the Kroc School of Peace Studies.

Taylor’s research focuses on the development of high-performance teams, specifically in the domains of psychological safety, team learning, and organisational transformation. Through her work, Taylor aims to co-create organisations and societies that are compassionate, equitable, and sustainable for all.

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