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Welcome to Light

We’re so glad you’re here. Whether you're at the beginning of your mindfulness journey, or you've got a bunch of experience. Whether you know exactly what you want from life, or you're feeling a bit lost. Whether your spiritual, or scientific - we've got you.


Over the next few weeks, you'll find so many tools to support your journey. From personalised suggestions to surprising research, as well as community events and experiences to deepen your practice.


Ready? Let's go.

1. Inspire Event


Did you miss out on the Inspire Event?

Catch up with the replay here.


  • Experience a Mindfulness Circuit;

  • Learn about collective intention;

  • Understand more about what to expect from your programme.


Ready? Let’s go.

2. Launch Event


Did you miss out on the Launch Event?

Catch up with the replay here.


  • Experience a Mindfulness Practice

  • Learn about the Light App

  • Learn about habit formation


Ready? Let’s go.

3. Light Survey


Help us personalise your experience by doing the Light Survey. 3 questions in just 60 seconds to help us suggest the right practice to get you started and make the best recommendations for you in the app.

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4. Wellbeing



Take 5 minutes to reflect on your personal wellbeing.


14 questions that give you an overall score of where you’re at – developed in consultation with academics and the NHS. It’s both an opportunity for you to check in with where you’re at, and for us to see the impact that Light is having.


Your answers are private and totally anonymous – we just look at the whole group’s data. We’ll invite you to check in every few months to see where you sit on the scale.

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5. Install the Light App

Completed the Light Survey? Then you’re ready to install the app. With a personalised journey for you, new material each week and access to live community events – there’s so much to explore.

iOS App


Android App

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