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I Am Expansion

Welcome to Light's Expansion Circuits. Your first practices are Breathwork, Gratitude and Nature. These mindfulness circuits are helpful for you if you are curious and want to explore what is possible. There are three levels for you to choose from, depending on your experience. Level one is 11minutes, level two is 22minutes and level three is 33minutes. Ready? Let's go. 

You can access them here or enjoy them with a range of other practices in the Light App.   


Expansion Circuit,  Level 1,  11mins

Welcome to your Expansion Circuit level 1, 3 practices in 11 minutes 


1. Breathwork: structured breathing to change your state 

2. Gratitude: simple techniques for everyday life 

3. Nature: create balance by connecting with the world around you 


We recommend finding a quiet space where you feel comfortable. 

Expansion Circuit,  Level 2,  22mins

30 seconds' immersion in nature is enough to re-set your attention span. Think what you could do with 22 minutes. It's time to discover your Expansion Circuit level 2. Introducing you to different exercises to develop your skills and build your habits. We'll cover: 


- Breathwork 

- Gratitude 

- Nature 


Find a calm space where you feel comfortable, and let's get going. 

Expansion Circuit,  Level 3,  33mins

Did you know a daily gratitude practice can significantly boost your resilience in stressful situations? It's time to do your Expansion Circuit level 3. 3 practices in just 33 minutes. We're going deeper now, with the same three practices: 


- Breathwork 

- Gratitude 

- Nature 


New exercises to help you strengthen your skills and embed your habits. Find a calm space where you feel comfortable, and let's get going. 

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