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We help the world’s most ambitious companies and their teams to get the best out of their day.


Light is a programme designed to help your team become more present. Greater presence means better focus, stronger connections and more powerful results. Get your team flexing their presence in just 3 minutes with our innovative Mindfulness Circuits™

Light is proud to be a certified B Corp


How can Light help?

Meditation isn’t for everyone.


We understand that teams are composed of different people with different needs.


Light’s unique personalisation matches your team to the practices that are best for them. From nature to gratitude, sound to visualisation, there are hundreds of different ways to become more present.


So - sit back, relax and let us find the right practices for you.

An Example  Of The Content Within The Light Programme

A selection of our existing clients

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We know how busy your teams are and we’re here to ease the load, not add to it. Just like circuits in a gym, Mindfulness Circuits™ combine practices together to create more impact in less time. 


That’s why Mindfulness Circuits™ start at just 3 minutes - a super-fast shot of powerful presence to reboot your day. Coming in circuits of 3 minutes, 11 minutes, 22 minutes and 33 minutes to meet you wherever you’re at, whether you’re a complete beginner or a mindfulness guru. 


Light’s unique practices are created by diverse experts in their field: from three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Scilla Ellworthy to David Lindo, the Urban Birder.


Mindfulness 101

Team struggling with anxiety or burn out? Get them started right with Light’s kick off event, Mindfulness 101. Led by our expert facilitators, this will inspire your team as they begin their mindfulness journey.




Your First Circuit

Too busy for mindfulness? Even though we know it’s good for us, it’s really hard to find space for mindfulness during the working day. So we’ll guide your team through their first 3 minute Mindfulness Circuit as a collective. With support on the app and habit building tools as part of the programme, every step of the way - we’ve got you. 



Weekly Live Circuits

Working with a remote team that feels disconnected? Every week we’ll invite your team to come together to practice live with a guide around a collective intention. Expect binaural beats, powerful visualisations and unique experiences not to be missed.



Motivational Comms

Looking for inspiration on your mindfulness journey? We all know how hard it can be to embed a new habit. Light will help you build comms that are right for your team - speaking to them in their channels in accessible, powerful language they understand. Backed up by research into how we form new habits and informed by organisational culture, we’ll help your team turbocharge their mindfulness practice and meet them where they are at. 



Light is not another mindfulness programme.


Let’s imagine a world where your teams are more connected: with themselves, with each other, with the world around them.They are more present. In a distracted world, presence is a superpower. With more employees across the globe suffering from workplace burnout, distraction and a loss of purpose. 


These are teams who have used Light. Developing a mindfulness practice builds the muscle of presence. It reaches across every aspect of life - emotional and intellectual, personal and professional. And with the support of Light, it fits neatly into the day, meeting your teams where they are at and supporting them every step of the way. 


Did you know one long, deep breath is enough to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, taking you out of fight or flight? Or that mindfulness that involves movement will be so much more effective for people with ADHD than a seated meditation? How about the fact that a tapping practice is as powerful as a dose of antidepressants? Or that just 30 seconds of exposure to nature can significantly boost cognitive function?


Bringing together the ancient technologies of mindfulness with cutting edge scientific research, Light is the programme to bring diverse, accessible mindfulness to your teams.


It’s time to give your teams the superpower they need - presence. Ready? Let’s go.  



Mindfulness Practices Every Week

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Team Building Activity

Improve Retention Rates

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Of beautifully recorded practices



Types of Mindfulness Practices

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Hear what our clients   have to say

"At Pizza Hut Restaurants we have appreciated Light’s ability to design and adapt their brilliant content to the specific needs of our business. Light has created a weekly safe space for us to form trusted support groups across our organisation - in the words of one of our team members: 'it is like a giant book club for wellbeing'."

Kathryn Austin
Chief People & Marketing Officer
Pizza Hut Restaurants UK 


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